Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Meeting and the Rain Makers

I was at Okija earlier this week and I was blessed to see Rita Dominic's film, The Meeting. Yes, it had quite a hold on me. It got me laughing, thinking, and falling in love afresh with it and the crazy circumstances that give us the best things in life.
My thoughts on The Meeting:

I was extremely impressed with Rita's interpretation of her role, it showed me an extremely sensational and daring side of her. Ordinarily I would expect Rita to be super sultry and alluring but with this movie I could not stop laughing at everything she said and did. She was effortlessly comic, mind-blowing and entertaining. I saw fierce skill, the kind that does not happen by accident; the kind that grows and consolidates year after year of passionate hard work and commitment to the art of learning and practising. You did not impress me Rita, you blew me away, I love you.

Rita Dominic
Kate Henshaw, Nse Ikpe Etim, Jide Kosoko and every other actor on board were perfect in their interpretations of their roles. They all gave the film a distinct quality, a sweet gloss of sugar and sensation.

Now for Linda Ejiofor and Femi both...You both!!!!! You both were amazing, exciting, huggable, loveable... 

Mildred Okwo
Femi Jacobs
To think that I had not watched you much before now. But I must say that this first impression has seduced and trapped me into falling helplessly in love with your acting and this story. You both started out quite well, and you permitted me to walk with you through the intimacy that grew scene after scene after scene. Especially when Ejura (Linda) told Mr. M (Femi) 'You can do anything. You are the rain maker.' she touched me, she touched every part of me. When you both sat at the park and the local musician assumed you both were lovers as he sang '...hold your lover...' I could feel the simplicity of a growing bond that seems like nothing more than what it is. When the first hug came in, I saw an innocent Ejura unconscious of her slowly drifting to an unknown but familiar place, some place that she only dreamt of for her initial relationship-but she would later recognise and accept. I also saw Mr. M calmly wild on realising that something disturbingly beautiful was in progress, something he had not known had started-but the same that he craved night after night and which in return sustained him. The night you both slept in together was a perfect notification to all concerned that romance and intimacy does not have to be sexual to be deep, authentic or beautiful. You beautifully established that true love and friendship can make us flutter and flip everywhere even when its platonic. '...No regrets and no expectations...' were Ejura's words again, and still she cried on her pillow afterwards. She reminds me of the so many wonderful
Linda Ejiofor
moments that we can for the momentary blessings that they are; truly celebrate and rise above with greater strength and maturity. This equally similar to what my friend Colin Coward would say about a love outlived, 'though he was once in your life and a blessing to you, he was a blessing for that time only.'

The movie went all suspense and magical in the end with private jet miracle and meeting the convocation of his daughter at the perfect time. And perhaps with the truth that real love once touched scars you forever, Mr. M returns to an open, youthful and mature Ejura, a happier man, saved from mourning and from himself.

Once more I am so impressed with this Nigerian Sensation, The Meeting and the cast and crew. You all are amazing, the picture quality, sound quality, locations...perfect, on point, beautiful....

You have all given me so many beautiful thoughts of so many beautiful things and amazing memories of so many wonderful people and places. God bless you.

To Rita Dominic and Mildred Okwo, you both are an amazingly exceptional team for masterminding this work .Truly, you are rain makers.You made this happen, you can make anything happen. I am proud of you. I look up to the stellar phenomenal individuals God has made you. May He strengthen you and keep inspiring your beautiful minds. Great work by the Audrey Silva Company as well...phenomenal results from a phenomenal team.

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