Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Souls wrestling free

Image sourced from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/12/orlando-mayor-announces-at-least-50-dead-at-nightclub-shooting/
Glass smashed, then a gun shot. I could hear Jamie scream. People scrambled around. What was happening? I was too giddy to think. The music stopped, then rapid thunder sprays, more screams. Was it my imagination? Alcohol surged up my throat. I threw up. The floor moved. I fell. My heart throbbed faster. It was afraid. Like someone had ripped my law degree from the wall. Like my body struggled to hold unto life. My heart screamed to run. My feet could not. Everything blurry and pink. I could not move my feet. I saw two figures dash into two toilet closets, shut the door behind them. Was this a dream? I could hear their heart beat like tempests? Was it mine? Then he barged into the restroom, blurry. 'Man, what's going on?' I struggled to say. The next I felt was clarity, a smoky gun, and the wrestly feel of a perfect soul surging free from a broken body. My body. My heart raced for the last the time. Not from my chest, but in my soul's imagination. Peace marred with anger, a journey I did not know. On my way out, bodies littered the Pulse, I could hear souls wrestling free and heart's beating their last.  The door smashed, and two souls surged free. 49 souls joined me. I didn't know why. As earth fell lower and lower, each soul became brighter and brighter becoming one.

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