Monday, 24 October 2016

The things I'd love to learn

Teach me to be a lawyer
Not like the warriors that were suitable for yester-wars
Teach me to fight differently
Not with the papers that are stacked up in the walls
Teach me to love my writing and reach for what it's not yet
Gently like the dripping of cream and everything sweet
Teach me to cherish my solitude
Please don’t tell me tell I have failed
Nor give up on me because you can
Teach me to be here
Available and learning
Teach me to candidly cherish my weakness and the sight of things that are yet to be learned
Tell me that I am strong, that you believe
Teach me that I can believe too
Don’t use hostility on me
Hostility kills students and dreams
It kills difference and diversity
It makes us shrink our creativity
But do not be silent, it only means you are absent
Teach me to be the way I am
But tell me the truth
Not the things that others have said
Teach me the beauty of arguments and of taking sides
But tell me that I can have a side of my own too
Teach me to hold unto my faith in the world
Teach me to stay up late at night because I enjoy the eroticism of studying
Don’t scare me with failing because there is no such thing
Teach me to listen, but tell me I have the right to disagree
Look on my dream as equally valid
Validate me, but be honest too, I am at your feet
Don’t crush me with the trophies that mean nothing to me
Teach me that its more important to learn than to compete
Don’t make me cry on your watch
Don’t make me regret my questioning
Teach me that heroes should not be clones of each other
And not every gifting is marked in terms of red and blue
Make this training ordinary as opposed to herculean
Because the extraordinaries are really in owning the simpler things
Teach me to be a lawyer like me
Not a clone of yourself or others
Inspire me to return to you
Teach me to enjoy the depths of not-knowing enough
And make it pleasurable to reach out
Teach me to love myself
Tell me that I can win
Tell me you believe
So that I can believe too
The roads have brought us here
Please don’t get in the way, teach me
Please don’t be a scare, teach me
These are things I’d love to learn
The things I can’t say to myself, yet.

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