Saturday, 12 April 2014


A few hours ago, I saw the Walt Disney animation movie, Frozen. And yep, I was also blown away. This movie simply breaks all the rules. I read a few reviews on the internet and I quite agree that there is a lot more than just the cliche theatrical romance in play. Seeing the movie a lot flushed through me: Thoughts on the beauty of experience; the burden of the wrong wisdom; the self-inflicted punishment of fear...

This movie brings me a lot to thoughts of our childhood. That some of us were so bound with extremely tight strings of dualism that things that were bad, so bad we could neither touch nor know them. We were forbidden to even think or talk about them. On the other hand, the 'good' things were so good that we just had to keep doing fulfilling and feeding those ideals.

And when we grew up, three things happened: some of us got so use to our shells that nothing else was right or possible; some of us revolted so incontrollably we were lost forever; others after intense struggles broke through their marble walls reinvented and true.

This movie is a great love story, one that teaches the world is fiercer and more directed than we give it credit for. It really puts realistic reality in real perspective.

But the most mind blowing theme here is that of openness. Openness to purpose. Control of circumstance and acceptance of true identity and the responsibilty that comes with it. It brings to light that gifts, personalities, responsibilities, resources... are realities, each of them special and well within control as long as you want them to be. I learnt that I am already defined...and as long as Love keeps me on the path to purpose, I'm unstoppable.

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