Monday, 21 April 2014

Little Emma Sparks- Thrilled to Try

Fascinated, he was thrilled to try
His every word adoring music
There was none, but he wouldn't stop
He played, played and subtly played
His little fingers gently pushing
His pouted lips fiercely blowing
Little sparks from this little one
And his future flushed in my face
Another dream, another race

He was fascinated, thrilled to try
His every word saying yes to his truth
Little Emmanuel, supple as fruit
And his sparks, his little sparks
Shall someday fierce flames blow
Charging the earth trailing below
Enchanting her with his music
His little fingers still pushing
His pouted lips, blowing, blowing and blowing.

---Inspired by a little child I ran into at the Easter Camp
- he wouldn't let the trumpet or piano be...and never stopped inspiring me.---

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