Friday, 2 May 2014

Come home to Abuja (1)

When I was little Abuja was for me a Nigerian metaphor for everything mature, peaceful, posh, developed and sophisticated. I was not opportune to visit until 2011. I was not disappointed. With this in mind I jumped at the opportunity to undergo a one year course there in 2014. I didn't mind, at the time, that she was far from home and that it would be a great change for me. I didn't also mind that it was in the North; and that though I had read Half of a Yellow Sun and learnt of how uncertain the security in the North for Igbos have always been I was headed for the FCT and a fresh springboard for a lot. I didnt mind until a week before my scheduled departure Nigerian facebook pages bled with photos and status updates of the Nyanya bombing. I was not bothered much. I was going to be at Bwari most of the time.

I left for Abuja on the 27th of April and I first settled at a place between Abuja and Nasarawa- I didn't know that it was Nyanya until a few days back. And just yesterday evening, I received a call from a friend while I was at Life Camp at the Abuja main town, that Nyanya had been struck again. My second Abuja home.

I have not been this close to the news for a while but it has been dawning on me every second since then that I had only been a few hours from going up in flames. Now I mind. Now I'm bothered.

I was going to take a break from blogging this month but I need you all my friends to witness every moment in Abuja as much as is within my long as God pleases that I live.

I came Abuja in April 2014 and inshallah I'll leave as soon as I should....

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