Monday, 26 May 2014

The Third Ogbunigwe...The Day I Hold True

Dear Nigeria,

From here, I am filled with so many thoughts of the things that bother me and how fallible I am as human being. Meanwhile outside my gates, you are still raving mad. Perhaps not as mad as the word mad would conveniently describe. But mad in the sense that somewhat you have drawn to yourself the eyes of the whole world. ''#BringBackOurGirls' now rules the pages and thoughts of the people that matter and the people that don't. Still, Nigeria there is a lot more that you are capable of.

A boy in my class told me that my not being aware of your big names  and the offices that they occupy, or once occupied, confirms me too ignorant of you to have a political conversation with. He dashed away when the only public officer I knew was David Mark- because we share the same first name. Yet, Nigeria, I could swear that no one can never know you as well as I. Because I know you for myself and that officers, names and authority will change it nature and scope from time to time. I know that you are gift to me. And yes, Nigeria, crazy as it may seem, I am still madly in love with you.

Okay,  you've had the Civil War, the tragedy of the Ogoni 9, the Boko Haram, the lynching of LGBTI individuals and recurrent incidents of jungle justice. These are very true. So true Nigeria. Yes, some of your kids have refused to understand that forgiveness of the past is the first step to forging ahead to the future. The Igbos think that every hausa man is Boko Haram. The Hausa's think that every Igbo man is out to get them. The Yorubas are somewhat torn in between. The several other tribes stretching and contracting. There is a whole lot going on for you Nigeria. So much history is being made by the day. Now Americans are here to help us get our girls back. Some of us think that the girls arent really missing and that it is a political stunt, the others are constantly on their knees praying for the recovery of these girls.

It's crazy my love. So crazy.
the view of the sunset from my room. I thought you might like it.

And the bombs are back. So many shrapnels darting in differents directions, going off unannounced. They once said that  Ogbunigwe the first was a death sentence. I think that she should learn from Ogbunigwe the second. Forensic scientists should have figured her out by now...I think.

So some of us are living each day, one day at a time. Hoping to see the next sunrise, inshallah. But I hope to see that sunrise where our children will get wiser and not see stupid bigotry and greed as a worthwhile sport. I hope to see that sunrise wherein the eagle will perch and the dove will perch and both will dart off in different directions without any regrets for letting peace and love take their full course.

I am living each day in Abuja, saddled with academics tasks and simultaneously waiting to see that sunrise where you, Nigeria, will become that thing fiercer than fire, the third ogbunigwe, love.

It is I my love.

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