Tuesday, 26 May 2015

An Ode to Oge...A year already

It is a year already and you are still an inspiration to me. I still believe in friendship and secrets. I still believe in the world beyond this one. I still believe that the best things are unspeakable and the greatest people and yet to be reached. I still believe in destinations. Above all I still believe that our meeting was the most magical moment of Okija. I am still grateful for all that you represent and for all that you taught me. I still celebrate you. Forever and always.

This one is for you.

A Love
that leaves
nothing to chance

There is this one love story that dominates all the books
A love like the hurricane
With passions like the wind
A love that leaves nothing to chance
Defying time, gravity
That risks everything
A love that mocks everything realistic
That is surly to manners
And rages at politeness
A love story that dominates books
That dominates everything

Someday we will be too old for magic

Someday, we will outgrow our dreams Like the becoming of a thing Like the forgetting of the journey Someday, the trophy will be see...