Friday, 5 June 2015

Oremi Alhaji

Photo from The Meeting

You see me because there are eyes in your soul
An eye for my kind
Because I have been hidden from all save few
Of the few and you

You hear me even when I’ve said nothing
Because what you listen to isn’t my voice
But instructions from the universe
Music inspiring you

You walk with me because you have become friend
Even while the most exciting of strangers
And I walk with you because I understand
I see you too

You tell me that I’m different
When in fact its you
And your falling heart
With the seasons that now vent

I’m saying Oremi and letting you sing
Because I see your eyes longing to
I’m still listening
Because I hear you

With you I see myself again
Feel the first
And the next
And the next

With you I see that I have fallen in love a lot
And that this is your first
I should listen
Because you are my next

So I wont hold on
Because I know you wont let go
Either way we’ll be together
Saying innasunka for a while
And perhaps, forever

 (Oremi Alhaji: My Friend The Stranger)

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