Sunday, 28 June 2015

Pride and Possibilities

Dear Naija,

I hope you can take this truth.

We are a people and we have known heritage, tradition, colonisation, civil war, bigotry and all the interesting pricks that come with the journey to optimum development. We are a proud and unique people on the face of the continent and the earth. Our journey is like no other nor will our race ever be.

Then again, there will never be much of a difference between our story and those of other people who are starting now, those still on their way and those who have gotten there. But we must not make all the mistakes. No. That's why we have history and precedents. To learn, modify and adopt, save our time and make the most of the opportunities that are no longer too many. Let's check one out:

 On June 28, 1969, in a village in the United States of America, the custodians of order raided citizens of the state because they were not conventional, because they were peculiar in a way that folk lores and morals of the time could not understand. It was unexpected and the hit was hard, fierce. You should have been there. It must have been like the rage of a terrorists bomb, as hurtful as the bigots cruelty.These custodians must have had all the moral justification at the time, to uphold what seemed 'the law'. Ugly.
Nigeria's Rashidi Williams at San Fransisco's Gay Pride Parade 2015

The people reacted. Sponteneously, violently. Crap was crap and still is crap no matter what version it is translated to, and they were not settling for just 'sorry'. Cruelty was recognised and response commenced immediately. The response did not win an instant victory, more civilised methods were adopted. There were -and still are- campaigns, conversations, sensitisation, prayers, faith, massive expression of audacious commitment and determination. There have been break-throughs as well. There is still is not a complete victory because there is not a complete response.

Nonetheless, the landmark of that response is celebrated every year as the Gay Pride Parade.

It's neither juju nor a show of shame. It's our possibilities staring us in the face. That there is really no chance of results before a response. Look, today as a people we have so much facing us. A good number of us have given up on our country because  our 'business as usual' is horrible.While the others in little and large ways seem to be milking what is left through corrupt means. This is all okay. If there is no darkness, we won't have a chance to tell the dawn apart.

In as much as we hope that Biafra won't happen again, we still have a large role to play in our community as a community and in our individual space. Our little concessions...not helping. Our tilting the scale even when it hurts those who should be preserved...crap. Our insistence on stagnation. Our insorbunation in the face of that which is just... I could go on.

Let us understand and appreciate that in as much as the Nigerian structure and system is not flawless it is perfect enough to secure progress- even as it can be improved. We are all we are and will become all we should be once we decide and act in the light that we can be.

My president and his team are doing a fabulous job. Though things have been a tad theatrical in nation's legislature. It's okay. We will get there. And as the years progress with all these realised possibilities we will have more to be proud of.

The more we appreciare that  our story and journey as a nation ,in more ways than ten thousand and two, are similar to those of countless unique people seeking legitimacy in a difficult world, and learn from audacity, faith, love and determination, the more we progress under God making the best of these pride and possibilities.

This is fact not an argument
. I hope you can take this truth.

I love you,

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