Friday, 5 June 2015

With Our Scars Beside Us

Photo from Like Stars in the Sky
You can live above your past
You can live it behind
You can continue like you aren’t blind
Like you aren’t sick or dying
But hey…the truth is that you are
We all are
We are scathed
We are coloured by our stories
Lit up like an moonlight fire
But you see, these scars
They aren’t clothes
They are like shadows behind us
Like friends beside us
I’m sick, but I’ll get better
I’m dying, but I get to live a while longer
They are like people who make the difference clear
Like the mirror that lets us see that we are spent
And how much we have left
Faith, unfortunately isn’t ignorance
It’s not pretentiousness
It’s walking up with our scars beside us
Not like we aren’t dying
But that in spite of eventual death we are complete
We are sufficient
Because we are gods and still God
Everything that is what it is
Everything that will ever be
So yes, I’m scathed
But I’m free

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