Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Is love madness or sanity?
Is love preference or equality?
Is love progress, grace?
photo from The Meeting
Is love the weakness that stares you in the face?
Is love the longing that burns in your heart?
Or the sweetness that tears you apart?
Is love the life that gives you speed?
Is love the only permission that you need?
Is love the ageless language that is true?
Is love only meant for a pre-selected few
Is love the angle, a single feature
Or is love simply the big picture
Is love the pink or red that drapes from her hair
Or is it the scream from a mother in despair
Is love the sharp cut of a precious stone
Or the increase that comes from reduction
Is love the life, the good life
Or the aspiration to be better
Is love a philosophy, that great dance
Or the chanting of a thousand different songs
Is love absolute believe or selective doubt
Is love really what everything is about
Is love answer or question
Darkness or the silver-line in the horizon
Is love a heart or spear
Is love that I leave or remain here?

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