Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Black Apple Charm

Tell me about the two roads diverged in a wood
But show me the road in between
Like volts bashing against me skull
And the fear that it might be an enchantment
Tell me of this magic that is gentle
Whose kisses are like wafers of nectar
Whose touch walks me to distances
Tell me of an arrival that isn’t as perfect as the journey
Of a traveller that makes the road alive
Black, young, peaceful African charm
Like nothing to be feared
Like Michelangelo has been told again
The stories of discovery
And the love that isn’t a hurricane
The friendship like green leaves of a bold flower
Tell me of a simplicity that conquers
Of a journey that doesn’t hold back anything
Tell me about that one road in between
Of the apple that inspired the world
That inspired us
Of the baby that I have fallen in love with
And the present that I have seen

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