Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Dear Africa,
I have thoughts run through my head on the chances of a life well spent. I think of the possibility that everything I have done, what I am doing and the dreams in my heart are a mistake. I think of living a near perfect life with 100% conviction at all times like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela seemed to have at some point in their life of experiments. Yet I also saw that man never stops learning.

I think of the future and the possibility that mistakes may never stop making themselves and I somehow an active party. Also I'm thinking of the end. And in some silly way, I have discovered that excessive thinking leaves much unaccomplished. Yet in my human nature, I can't help worrying and thinking some more.

 Why think of the end when life is yet to begin? Why think of dying when you haven't lived? I once thought that life is not a rehearsal but an unscripted ride that only gets better. I still think so, but now I'm learning in little and large ways that  'better' has many versions and virtues and vices. 
 So I ask that even as we get used to leading and living unscripted, lets be open to the various things that we can effect while here that would make the after-life a place of pleasant reflections. Even inspite of less than 100% certainty, faith and means, lets make unscripted and better our path even while leaving chronicles of warmth and love as we move on. Uncertainty clouds my heart sometimes, but I'd rather be wrong than be nothing.
 So what's your take? You can have one now. You could be anything, anything at all.

Warm regards,

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