Saturday, 25 July 2015

Olori Perfect

Omo fresh
Omo exciting
Ravishing baby
Olori Spicy
You set the pace rebranding
You burn the race
You're deep candy
You lighten this place
Olori Sweet
Your mind pierces through
Olori Sexy
He'll be lucky to have you
Olori Fresh
Olori Tempest
You don't have to try
Don't reflect
Olori shine-shine
Who says you aren't smart?
Olori Shakespeare
Sugar tart 
Olori muse
You inspire me
Olori Truce
You are wind and free
Olori, see
They still don't say
White is white
Or nay is nay
So be you
Don't relent
Olori Sweet
Olori Perfect

*Olori: Yoruba word for Queen

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