Saturday, 25 July 2015

Don’t bother for Sunrise

Fleshy bones and dusty caves
Where sweet stories stand in place
Flames of passion
Flames of war
Victors and vanquishes not always sure
Force on the heart, two worlds to look
Tear apart the story from book
Stand aloof like a bird in flight
Don’t be straddled by fears of night
Tell your heart to fly
Tell your flesh to live up a name
But don’t be bothered
Don’t be scared
For wishes never added grey to your beard
Find a place that speaks to you
Where lovers abound yet as few
Look to Me and be strong
For never I cared for right or wrong
So sit or stand but please be there
Sharing the winds and whispers of this GreenFlare
Abound in dreams that give you new
Abound in the Strange Love I have with you
Let sunsets think of where to be
And you what to make of its beauty
Let the sun bother where to rise
And I be here to bring light to your eyes

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