Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Black, Blue, Bold!

photo captured from Lagos Cougars, the movie
How can our difference frighten us
And our diversity smack us in the face?
How can our stories brow beat  us
And this endless war, the centre of our race?
How can Igwenga tell eteka that distance is just a closer far away
And you tell me, that our struggles are here to stay?
How can love end this nightmare
When love itself started it
And you say in your fun fare
That simplicity can heal it
I'm done playing games with you
Because you seem not to know the rules
That this is our lot
For the things we should know
We prefer to play the fools
And being simple and silent won't just cut it
Being indifferent will never heal it
All the universe conspires to instruct us
Screaming, lashing out at our hearts
You can't win by falling apart
And you can't soar by staying intact
That fighting is our lot
Believing and demanding our fire
I'm done having this conversation
I'm hitting the road
Taking my colours
Screaming black, roaring blue, growing bold!

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