Saturday, 26 September 2015

Dear mum, I heard you passed

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Dear mum, I heard you passed 
Time has stopped
The voices have started
They say death ends everything
They say love charms everything
...But for motherhood, you, they say the world
That you own everything
That you are wisdom, truth
They are not showing me graphs or reports
But pictures
Pictures and words
Words and stories
Like they see you through my eyes
And taste you with my heart
Several faces, and loves will compete
Festivals, dances and destinations will scream
Suns will rise, and friends after them
But none of them will tell me like you
You didn't tell me their truth
Nor spank me by their standards
You told me better
And spanked me still
You loved me differently
For that I fall flat on my face
Like a thousand tsunamis standing still
Adoring your grace
I insist that you are my truth
My one sweet forever
For accepting me
For loving me tender
I heard you passed
So sleep well, smile
Till some other journey
Some other life's mile.

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