Sunday, 29 May 2016

You and my boyhood

So here I am lost in thoughts of you
Thinking how much you have charmed my evolution
Of how knowing you has brightened my darkness
Here I am unaware of the storm
Believing that facing it won’t be a train smash
Here I am recklessly in love
With the thoughts of an insane teenage girl kissed for the first time
Here I am wanting to shrink this space between us
Like it poisons my eyes, my breathing
My rock, split like crushed chocolate in this white fog
Holding my eyes, my boyhood
Holding my hand, taking me
Showing me this new world and letting me become
Schooling me in yours
Breaking me, listening
Healing me, kissing
Making me unaware of the distant December
Of the possibility of tears
Of returning to my dark coyness
Here I am, with your palms on my cheeks
Drowned in the ocean of your antique eyes
Like the charmed wit of dramatic crockery and aboriginal art
I love you
I have said this before
But now I have forget why I started
Because reasons never stop coming
Being with you is like a bath in warm milk
Like the rush of honey
Like the living altars of an evolving forever
It’s everything
And its hard to tell why
But its not me continuing
My heart wont stop
Its too crazy for reason
To know that I should do the right thing
But some how right is cowardly and accomplishes nothing
So here I am, recklessly in love with you
Demanding forever
In spite of where you are
Here, giving my heart a discrete fever.

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