Monday, 9 May 2016

You are different

So you say you are different
And you expect me not to stare
You say you are perfect
Yet I badly need repair
My body needs some tightening
And some parts need to be oiled
My length needs some frightening
And some other parts needs simply be boiled
You say you are like me
And the storm within me fascinates you
So some choices are made
While the charms are simply few
And yes, omalicha, I want you badly
Your eyes, your lips excite me
Yes, I stare at your crotch
And I imagine wildly when you are not there
But I should not lay every beauty
Even when the roads diverge from a wood
But I badly want to lay you omalicha
Am I mad for thinking so?
I badly want you to feel my stamina
And watch you stretch and groan beneath my grip
And watch this shared storm fascinate the seconds
As this perfection charms your eyes, your body
So I believe you are different
Like chocolate beside alamanda
Like vanilla beside egusi
But I’m still staring
Imagining your flavour
Stretching beneath the thought of your touch, your beauty

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