Saturday, 30 November 2013

He Still Calls Her Elewe-Ukwu

Silver cymbals clinging in chime
 They grey together
Words and wise fade in time
They gracefully live out their forever
Might and fright shaking hands...
 Love stands taller
 After all these solid years
 He still calls her magic tower
elewe ukwu egbu ewu
and tickles the girl in her
 At midnight, he still calls her flower
'Ezinnem' to tease and admire
 As he burns in love and nuptial fire
 Books and tales of history's love
 Cannot compare to this bond blessed by Above...
'Nnem' his lover
'Nnam' her loved
I'm walking behind and wishing well
Please the secrets of love to me do tell
 Time from now when I'll stand with nkem
 And you'll both be my memories
'Elewe ukwu' your words will be my treasury
 I wont forget this time well spent
 And from this time of love I'll never repent
Perhaps, I'll call nkem elewe ukwu as well
Or something sweeter, something swell
But I will look on you and relish true
Your love is beauty and powerful

(inspired by mum and dad...25 years and still counting)

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