Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Passionate Pursuit

When a man decides that he wants to be happy, he sets out against all odds to tickle himself. He pursues a degree; buys a new device- perhaps a car; gets into a relationship-or even gets married. Some times he may go the distance to engage in lethal alternatives such as drugs or even suicide. In very funny ways, he is headed in the happy direction- He is trying to be happy for peace sake!

Then again, the bulk of us never truly contend what exactly happiness would translate to at any given point in time. Would it mean more, less, absence or acquisition? Would is simply mean head out and do something or stay still and watch? Does it mean the same thing today as it did yesterday and would it mean the same thing tomorrow?

As confused as I am about this emotion that flames from my blood, I have resolved that there is no such thing as happy since there is not one objective and all encompassing word to define it. Similarly, there is no such thing as unhappy because the root word simply is baseless.

Under the sun, I have truly pursued the desires of my heart with speed, lust and vigor and truly found that everything is but the chasing of the wind. I can recall the emptiness I felt immediately I finished my degree exams. It was as though, I had done nothing. It suddenly felt like the past five years never happened.

Then again, I have learnt the blessing of this.

My happiness is not in my achieving but in my deliberate act of pursuing. It is in the anxiety that fills my heart; the sweat that lines my brow; the earth that bears my feet and the desire that is yet unsatisfied. It is in my working that my mind is most alive, enthralled and enraptured. It is in my dreaming and persevering that my being finds it true purpose and living.

Achievements are an end as empty as the interiors of a trophy with no actual purpose or place. The real happiness is the feeling that you can do this much and much more.

As we seek eagerly to tickle ourselves in today's world. Let us recall that nothing is as boring and stale as satisfaction. So do bask and relish the moments of excitement, process, training and motion. And do not just pursue love or happiness to get it, have an enthralling and passionate pursuit.

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