Saturday, 8 November 2014

One More of this Rare Kind

With the world beneath my feet
And the heavens stretching beside me
I see vast oceans of pure clarity
Like loud sounds of deep silence
And the true embrace of a broken mind
A fierce healing of this rare kind
And it would be once more
The story of this warring heart
A heart that gasps for oxygen
Running after life
Running after love
Suddenly its like I’m here
Then its like you are here
And I’m thinking, dreaming, believing you
Perhaps, the likelihood that you’ll stay
That you won’t leave
That it won’t get complicated
That…Suddenly I won’t lose you
That we will never be sated
But in these rare depths
In this kindness
With the heavens beside me
I’m warring
I’m yielding
I’m winning
And I want yours
While yet giving you everything

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