Saturday, 8 November 2014

Words Are Better

They say that a gold string should run through
So that they can see
So that they can understand
They say that paragraphs and sentences should align
Brief with so much precision
They say that details are great
But with twitter everyone wants point
What to do?
What are things we should now do?
So here’s the thing
I’m thinking of the so many great books I have read
I’m thinking the several great words that were said
Often they weren’t precise
And they were not twitter size
I’m thinking of the study of great men
And the spectacular lives they led
Precision may not have been far fetched
But comprehension may demand the code stretch
I think of Da Vinci
I think of Dan Brown
Of Adiche
And the tales of Madiba’s town
I think of secrets waiting to be found
Of words that will forever be unknown
Then I return to think of tweets
Of my phone, and my wrongly spelled verbal bits
I want more than that
I want more than a tweet
I want you to write a sullen letter
 A lengthy love chocolaty grit
I want you to write to my mind
To write on my paper
I need you to read to me
So that your voice and lip colour I’d remember
You can tweet me every now and then if you want
But I’ll still look forward to your letter
Tweets and bits are cute and new
Well written words will always be better.

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