Saturday, 15 August 2015

Let Me Dance For You

Let me dance for you
Like a lover would dance for her beloved
Let me sway my hips as I raise my brows
And perhaps wink once or twice while I clap
The Late Peter Bello: Pilot and Photographer

Let the ikpos rattle on my ankle
While the jigida mystifies my waist
And please don’t be coy
Let your heart flirt with the thoughts of loving me
Like me, dart around like a tsunami
And make you dizzy with enchantment
Let me have a breath of your air
And make you stiff with flare
Let your eyes wonder between my thighs
And hands crave to feel the dazzle on my chest
Let me dance for you
For the music is yours to make
But let me dance for you
And you just sit and stare
Let me dance for you
While we are both alive and here
Let’s not leave this beauty to an unhappened memory
Don’t be scared
Let me dance for you
Let me sing my song and make you cry
Let all my magic be alive
Like a lover in her zest
Like a man who has reached his best
Let me dance for you
Let me touch the sky


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