Friday, 11 March 2016

Dear circumstance

Dear circumstance,

Every time you tell me its impossible I'm frightened. You are all so imposing and I respect you. I can hardly think of anything else when you look in my eyes. How do you do that? I see the world and her winds settle down around me. Yet my heart is charmed with tempest after tempest. And this is all because you fancy my confusion. Unfortunately, my 'stupid' heart insists on being resilient in spite of all the wisdom that you teach her. How does she do that? Dear circumstance, my circumstance, you make me cry. Even as a full fledged Nigerian hard man I can't call your bluff. But this heart wants what it wants and there will be no stopping her. I would have loved to team up with you to quiz her a bit. Ask her why your tempests don't exhaust her. Ask her why the silence does not freeze. Tell her that she is really no match for all you have thrown at me and her. I want her to stop. But she won't. She keeps leaping into fire, embracing hurricanes and courting revolutions. She wants what she wants. I'm sorry.


Someday we will be too old for magic

Someday, we will outgrow our dreams Like the becoming of a thing Like the forgetting of the journey Someday, the trophy will be see...