Thursday, 3 March 2016

An Open Letter to Korede Bello

Dear Korede,

It is quite surprising to me that I should have to write to you this morning given that before now I had thought nothing extraordinary of you or your art. However, today I was scheming through my music files and I saw the ‘Godwin’ video. It must have slipped in through one of my sisters, all of whom adore

Well, about your video Godwin. It was generally okay. But it healed me this morning of ingratitude and an aching heart.  The year has been interesting for me so far. I have darted around geographically more than I have ever done within a short while. I am also on this evolutionary process which often scares the lotion off me. Often I am confused, exhausted and weak. Struggling to pray and, generally,  to be. I find it very difficult these days to write or express myself through any other means. I have also become a lot naughtier.
Seeing your video reminds me of last year when I was in Port Harcourt and everyone would spring at the sound of ‘Godwin’. Akudo would play the song over and over again sashaying along. Initially, it was cute. But then it was every day. It was ‘Godwin’. Seeing your video, watching you dance and hearing you sing today had that effect on me as well, crazy. 'Boys do not sashay'  This morning, you told me that God is my everything and has always been.

, so I’ll contain myself most of the day. Your art has injected a vibe into me, like church came to me- a church that will not belittle any victory or circumstance.
People are crazy about you. Half the time, I think, it is because you have accomplished so much at such a young age and in such a short while. Other times, I think it’s because girls are crazy about the magic in your smile and winks. Evidently, they have a point.
Suddenly Korede, you and your art have become so important to me. I wish I had as much stamina. I am thankful that you are where you  are. I am also thankful that you are powerful and opportune enough to do what you do. And above all, that you are who you are and have become. Don Jazzy is a great mentor. And Mavins Records evidently is a great platform . More grease to your elbow.
I humbly request that you write me another gospel song- one that perhaps celebrates imperfections, brokenness, tolerance, and interdependence- if it ever occurs to you.
Hey! Keep shining bro. You are all kinds of fabulous. What’s not to love.

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