Monday, 11 April 2016

Preparing for the Sun

Naija, look, it will happen
All the rainbows will rise
And the darkness shall be lifted
Naija, look, it will happen
Because, for some strange reason hardwork pays off
Whether, it's good or bad
Naija, look, it will happen
Akinfessi's story will be told in the squares
And Kenny's Exodus read in our schools
Naija, look, it will happen
The sun will rise
Because there was independence
There was colonialism
So rebelion had a license
But when we get there 
Like South Africa and Maputo
Let's be different
For us, let's have all the issues resolved
Let the battles be won
Let rainbows breed not just from the law
But from the streets and hearts
Lets take all those blows now for our children ahead
Knowing that our dream Nigeria may not be reality in our life time
Lets fall into battle and bleed for our cause
Because either way falsehood or fighting exhausts everything
Naija, it will happen
But when it does let our streets be ready
When it does, let our ministries be ready
Lets face homophobia, biphobia and transphobia now, and engage them fiercely
So that not of it is left in a Nigeria without the anti-gay police
Lets not make Nigeria's mistake
Pursuing integration only after Independence
Crushed beneath bigotry without license
Let us prepare for the sun
Because it will come
Because God is on our side
Because hard work pays off
Let us prepare for the sun
Now that it is okay to be rebellious and ruthless
Let us wrench our hearts and lives if we must
Let us make the most of this pressure, our madness
Let our colours bleed
And let the white in our flag flush through prisms
Let the clouds of our rain bless our tanks with water
And even if we must ourselves be drenched
Let our soil and tubers drink and be fattened with life
Because it will
Because fighting exhausts everyone
And our spectrum will burn
So lets face phobia, crush them fiercely
For the days of victory are not too far ahead
Lets prepare for the sun
For when victory will, it will come.

#inspired by a generation of LGBTI rights activists ruthless enough to break the rules, to say what we need to say, and do what we need to do.

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