Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The sand our mother

Have you seen the sand, our mother?
Have we seen how simple she is
Have we seen that every thing left her
And to her everything will return
Have we seen the grace with which she advances
From the huts of slums of simple men
To the platter of kings
Have we seen her in colour trapped in show glasses
Have we seen her court the nails and backs of princesses
Have we seen the sand our mother
Our rising to heights don't bother her
She knows we will return
Have seen her without her mask
Yet as she is the most masked
Have we the sand our mother
Rise, rise and become us
And everything we are scared to become

Someday we will be too old for magic

Someday, we will outgrow our dreams Like the becoming of a thing Like the forgetting of the journey Someday, the trophy will be see...