Friday, 3 January 2014

Running Away

A few days ago I walked into 2014.

I have spent the past few days in my room thinking of resolutions and visions for my year. I set out to strengthen my social network and studying more. But today I came across a photo of my all time favourite all male band, the STYL PLUS. I was thrown to the simple years of my melting before music. The years when deep lyrics danced me to fierce streams of peace and boundless heights of clarity. I listened to a few tracks and then to DJINEE's Ego- another song that drove me crazy in 2007. I realize more that clinging so much to adulthood has denied me the wisdom that freedom brings. Adulthood and conscious focus is such a weighty job description, it has to give way this year. No buts. I'm decided.

So, 2014, in you I resolve to retrieve my youth and kick all these years of overrated experience out of the window. I still want to dream, dance, write, love, listen, play, laugh, fall, rise and run...I still want to see God in the simple and yet inexplicable things and people

that surround me. So I'm taking back my love. I am heading out to make it right. Forget fear, caution, boundaries. I'm coming out.

Do have a productively spontaneous 2014. I love you pieces.

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