Saturday, 30 August 2014

His Loving Doings

His Love is huge
It raptures me everyday
He lives in me
He inspires me in every way
He turns me around
When the paths turn evil
And he carries me on
When I feel weak and feeble
He believes in my weakness
But He celebrates my strength
He does great things
His Love does not repent
I have stretched His Love
And I have gone the wrong goings
But His Love is here
And so is He, ever growing.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Will You Be My Lover?

Will you be my lover?
The one I call my friend
Will you be the one who enchants my path?
The one with whom I see the end
Will you be that beginning
That Christmas
That ring
Will you be my lover?
That one who makes me sing?

Will you be my lover?
The apple of my eyes
Will you be my fire?
That mild soothing blue fire
Will you be that reality?
That faith that lets me see
Will you be my lover?
Will you see me?

I want it to be okay to be you (lost draft from 2018)

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