Friday, 11 July 2014

Ile Erupe (Sand House)

A storm has blown the dust to rest
And all our conquests are now lies
A storm has taken away my best
And yet the rest of the world passes by
Our lives of warmth and dust
And the ones unlived and dry
The ones that once loved the most
This still lands now deny

This home is that of sand
Unworthy to keep alive
Please come in only to rest
And at sunrise, just pass by
                                                                                                                For the winds that come
Don’t sleep too long
They return at noon and night
To steal the best and silence love songs

My home is that of sand
This is my lot in life
My home is that of sand
Be my friend, share my life

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Heaven Gave you to me

And she is saying no
No to be beautiful
No to inspiring me
No to the warmth she makes me feel
But she doesn't know
It's not her question
It's not her war
She inspires me
She thrills me
She is with me

Yes Africa, you are within me

And I'm you
And more interestingly you are me
Don't hush me
Don't hurt me
Say what you will
And do what you can
In everyday
In every way
I love you
I love everything you are
I don't care about anything you are not
So don't say no
Yes, isn't  the issue
Heaven gave you to me

So be beautiful

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