Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bawoni and Hello

Dear unwanted and far,
You live in an obi where no one but you calls home
But you dream of a love that tastes like oroma
And when you pray there is doubt in your heart
But a part of you believes in the onwa  magic
Where all the future kings and army dance in circles
Still the love of oroma and the magic you believe in
I still know that your heart is brave
It wants so badly to heal your scars
But ancestral tales won’t let  you be
With the nightmare of fighting you and angry me
You know you can love me
And you really want to try
I know I can love you
In your arms there is a good I identify
Bawoni? Please let my silly tongue say so
And the awful stench of ancestral wisdom fall and die
Broken ripples in our ancestral stream
Where our mothers and sisters use to bath and swim
The memories of our dancing dad’s who conquered the world
And told us it was beautiful to believe
My heart says hello and I can swear you eyes say bawoni
But we must dance history’s beats
Feigning ignorance in the truth that we can be free
Bawoni and good bye, let’s fight another day
As prisoners of custom and secret lovers of the onwa play

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