Sunday, 18 August 2013


Oloibiri began this dark day
A scarlet sun rising from the South
Broken dreams that started wild
The West rushed
The East gurgled
I woke to it all
I woke to the energy
The life of surprise
I watched in ewe
I watched in excitement
Vessels sprouted from the earth
Mud turned mansions
And wildernesses grew silver manes
Broken from this wild picture
Searching in these growing thoughts I sort
For the bright promise of my dream
The bright tomorrow for my brothers
My sisters love for cassavas
And my father’s love for fish
All buried, killed, forgotten
Oh Naija, how you broke me
Bruised me against my own loyalty
Bore me drenched in my blood
Bore me hungry, empty, wild
Naija you stole my heart and my innocence
You raped me endlessly in the darkness promising me life
You promised hope, love and all that I looked forward to
Naija, Naija, Naija! How can I?
How can I once again trust the lips that lied?
That kissed the bruises of my heart ache?
That cursed the vulnerable breasts of my ignorance?
Naija yet, Naija forever
Naija shocking
Naija, Naija, you are hurting...

So am I.

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