Sunday, 18 August 2013

Oju Iwe Madiba

Hush world! Let my Madiba speak
Let the stellar black star speak!
In worlds of large and little
My Madiba’s words echo
Like dark marble pearls tossed in the silver silence
His expression of past and plenty
Washing the dust off our feet and heart
His writing. His art of strange but soothing magic
My Madiba. Oh let my Madiba speak!
Let our hearts and feet race in this light to where it points
And let the silent sun water the seeds of his tears
Let the wind minister so subtly to his prints in the sand
In the day and night, let my sweet Madiba write
I want to read oju iwe Madiba everyday clear
I want to read oju iwe Madiba everyday new
I confess I love his words everyday fresh

And world blessed by Allah, should read and love him too.

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