Sunday, 18 August 2013

Just like a Dream

You appear just like a dream to me
A sweet sermon that drips from the morning flower
With you I forget who I used to be
In you I find who I want to be
There is nothing I think
There isn’t a thing I want to believe
But like you I need inspiration
With you I find guarantee
Like A light that punctuates the night
Either way the earth has to respond to your call
In your eyes I see forgiveness
I see the future
I see the truth
I may not be an angel
But I see the stars so clearly I can touch
I’m no mermaid but I float ashore
I hate to return home
You have made the wild more peaceful
You are indeed beautiful
Just like a dream anymore
I desire more than breath to be lost
I f I cry, then its cos I’m in love
If I run then its because I’m afraid of hurt
I never want to lose you
I never want to forget
I dare the rain because you are my shelter
I swear at the sun because you are my shade
I step on the sand because I’m unafraid
With our reflection in the picture
You are Sweetest

Just like a dream to me.

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