Friday, 9 August 2013

My first bloggy and just saying

Good day and good year it has been. I am crazy about God ,life, happiness and challenges He has given to me. I am totally inclined towards creativity and I'm hopeful that the warmth and God that is within man is the best thing that has happened to the human race. I am in love with beauty that laces the faith I have in God and humanity and energy that transpires within. I am open to good relationships and I simply respect driven individuals. In the light of this I am taking this leap to discuss as much as matters to me through lines of thought, poetry and short stories. I am not one to write because I have to but because I have been deeply inspired and led to. So there it is Inshallah, I'll be as honest and clear as is safe, sweet, spontaneous and possible.

Someday we will be too old for magic

Someday, we will outgrow our dreams Like the becoming of a thing Like the forgetting of the journey Someday, the trophy will be see...