Sunday, 18 August 2013

Life in a Picture

I am glad a whole lot has been left behind
My tears, my hunger and mistakes too
I take a fresh start
I become once more new
To take a love and play with tools
I am off to a new life where the sun is brighter and the grass is greener
And when there is colour it is pink
Where there is sweet it is butterscotch
When it is cold it is winter
And when I am tickled it will be white girl
I leave home
I leave all behind
I am glad, perhaps I am
To a make mistakes a new
T o unlearn the art of farming and take up intellect
To unlearn the art of hunting to embrace catching my train
I leave all behind to become novice afresh
I leave my home to make myself someone else
In another room in God’s green earth
I leave to find life again
This time a stranger to homes I shall see
And a warning to the love I may find

I leave for another picture

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