Friday, 9 August 2013

Beni Perhaps

Let’s forget valentine colours and Christmas bows
Let’s forget all the nonsense that we ‘should’ know
And let’s drift some maggi into milk
Let’s use some sugar for egusi
And nibble some okra with ketchup
Hmmm...Perhaps Be ni?
Perhaps not.
Let’s start a whole new parade
Of Christian girls and Muslim boys
Playing okwe and drinking kunu with nkwobi
Be ni Perhaps?
Perhaps? Perhaps.
Let us make KJV Arabic
And roast masara in the open
Let’s celebrate those Be ni moments
And Lets forget the difference between Daudu and David
And understand that Hussein isn’t worse but only slightly different
Let our lips sincerely say Be ni
And let our hearts agree
With rib-cracking laughter when Yusuf and Ikenna misquote Shakespeare
Let’s help Zainab with her ijab
And help Funke sustain her gele
Let’s teach Nma the bridal dance
And let us let Edikan marry for beauty and for love
Perhaps Be ni?

Be ni  Perhaps.

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