Friday, 9 August 2013

Dreams of the Little Child

I taste the world with my little eyes
In sweet amazement of things I would soon know
I taste the world with my little tongue
In wild excitement of the flavour’s of life’s river flow
I feel the world with my little hands
And I’m arrested by the fluid energy of her silent history
I witness the world with my little mind
Trying to find myself and the place I was told I have
I’m lost in the twilight of my innocent breath
The colours and thorns of this little wreath
I was born a secret
But soon to be revealed.
How earthly are my feet
How earthy I want them to be
And my brave heart; little zeal
Soon I would learn to walk
So I could walk into places that feel of life
Of sweetness; of pain; of wonder
Soon I shall learn to speak
So I could reveal the simple mysteries of my heart
And tell you all the colours I love to think
Perhaps someday I shall fly
To heights where my kind do not reach
Hear the voices my kind do not hear
See the colours my kind do not see
And feel the world here so beautifully
Perhaps...just perhaps
Like in my dream,
Someday, I would live.
I would live great and free.

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