Sunday, 18 August 2013

Out-scream the rain

What do you think of when you sleep at night
When all you trophies are place before you?
What do you hope for when you think of time
When your past is behind you?
And in your prayers, do you feel so small
Just like a shell beside the raging seas
And in that chair, do you feel s lost
Like a storm drowned in the earth
Can you out-scream the rain when the sky gets angry?
Can you out-walk the waves if they were your enemies
Can you rule the sun and tell her when to set?
Hold the trees and ask them not to fret
Can we live together , even in times as dark as this?
Can we love forever even in life’s little wind?
Can we be gods unto man or unto ourselves
Or can I be still unto you, hide in my shell?
My heart be simple, wiser I refuse to be
That I may love and trust so endlessly
I can’t out-scream the rain or out-walk the waves
I can’t rule the sun, or explain life’s pain
But I can live and love and believe
I can fight and pray and perceive
And when I pray, I love to feel so small
Like a mute brown shell bejewelling the sharp white shore
When I sleep, I enjoy being numb
Trusting, but thinking nothing
Because, I let nothing bother me
And I pride in my littleness

Because indeed, little means free

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