Friday, 9 August 2013

Yet Unhappened

The colours of eternity
With whom all the promises of life are bound
With endless rage and subtle doubt
When our eyes are shut and hearts abound

Red, the colour of beauty
That gives life and baths our heart
Nurtutring our dreams and passions
The soul of erection and orgasm
The wine for death and bread
The petals for love and viking pain

Orange, the colour of bonding
That knots the blossom and bloom
And tends our dreams with sweetness
That preserves our secrets
And makes the now seem sweetest
Conquering our tommorow in today’s tempest

Yellow, the colour of friendship
That tours the soul of man
And arrests his sour misery
That tickles man’s tears
For every trouble that man is worth

Green, the colour of hope
With whom our tomorrow lies
As petals may or may not grow
That reflects our humanitty
And betrays our pride
Where creation is watching, where the mighty died

Blue, the colour of oeace
The prize of freedom
That sirens man’s imagination
And unleashes his thirst
That may never stand to be true
That may never see the end

Indigo, the colour of betrayal
That unveils the heart
And punctuates the soul
After all the ‘fiery-forever’ is gone
And love no longer seems to shower
After the fields are yellow and dry
And orgasm ceases to ponder

Violet, the colour of wisdom
After the broken heart
And the flesh of her being, deflowered
That preserves the unseeming
And directs the beauty yet unshowered
And the secrets yet unhappened

Yet unthundered skies are unkissed by her misery
And virgin soil untouched by his mystery
We remain virgins even after violation
For ignorance had no fair prize
Even woman’s womb knows

And man’s unrevealing eyes

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