Friday, 9 August 2013

Eka aro my love

The morning is beautiful my love
With the brilliant sun greeting us afresh
God pleases that we see another day
Eka aro my love

Please wake up to the daunting freshness of this peaceful day
When all but the darkness is awake
That I may share life and light with you at least one more day
Eka aro my love

I am once more open to new adventures
Affectionately embracing both you and your imperfections
I am once more beside you and in love with you
Eka aro my love

You are not responding my love?
And the sun’s sweetness no longer tickles you
Please wake up my love, my loving heart awaits
Eka aro my love

I am closer now my love
With my palms greeting your hair and face
Is all well my love? I yearn for your love’s embrace
Eka aro my love

You are no longer breathing- I am scared my love
My heart has now one new emotion
Please do not tease me, you are my solution
Eka aro my love

I am still beside you
Just like that morning you passed away
I am still loving and, like this morning, here to stay
I greet you, Eka aro my love

It is raining my love
And  like the sun, our love is still brilliant and silent
So I am standing here for all you mean
Because you are still sweet and true

Eka aro my love, it is I who greets you.

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