Friday, 9 August 2013

Oju Iwe Ile-ife [The Pages of Ile-Ife]

The ancient city of love
Where humanity and peace still call home
After Idonre where mountains kiss the heavens
And friendship lasts almost forever

From this soil, stories sprout
Of sweet yesterdays and sweeter tomorrows
There isn’t a chair for greed or fury
Nor a thought for bride or bury
Ife-the sweetness of my dream

On their lips of candid lustre
There would never be lips nor envy
Though their hearts be concealed their homes would always be open
Ife-the warmth of friendship

Frutis and flowers, all so simple
Brilliant sunsets and brighter sunrises
Giving birth to innocent, stringer days
Days with greater realites
And nights with more fascinating dreams
From the most of my hear undead
To the magic pages of Ife yet unread
I confess, Alabukun ni e funmi

And by this I mean, Mo fe ran re

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