Friday, 9 August 2013

Farewell to my ola

I bid farewell to my Ola
Who once made the younger me
I said goodbye to my long lost brother
Who had set the man in me free
He returned the night of endless dreams
That once had stolen my smile
He tickled my heart in sweet ordeal
That once stood a ragged pile

I felt my love bounce off my chest
And return so swiftly to its place
I felt my youth return to me
As I burned from love’s furnace
But he returned a prince
A soulmate to another
As I had known some years before
“I believe”, I thought
But now I saw, I doubted even more

I spilled my blood to hurt my mind
That I be distracted by the pain
But all the while as I had earlier loved
I basked in endless love’s rain

The night returned and so did the dreams
Of endless love reborn
But they were dreams
As a wild goose chase
And to my heart a simple thorn

As the hadith pages my spirit read
I felt pain in my heart red
I said a prayer for a dead mild lover
And laid hurting on my bed
The morning was dark, we treaded the path
To the point where bid farewell
 Again I never believed  as I now stood before death’s well

I craved to hug but didn’t dare
Because now I knew
This love as I felt
With my sanity few
Was more than a heartache tomorrows away

My brother-friend and lover still
Had brought this sweetness to an end
Allah be praised as the morning rise
And I bath in my heartache and cries

I had lost my friend
To the world’s extreme end
And I to another unfound
Today I forget my lover’s smile
As it was as mere as a dream

As we now pray to one Sweet God
In beds afar and distant tongues
In worlds we had once not known of
Nothing stood in love’s place now but memories
As we have been claimed by life
By transcendant books and sweet matrimonial stories

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